i89.us*:[PR4] Social bookmarks using tags with tabbed interface.

Some Features: Export to exel, xml, html and IE. Tags, Comments, Personal and General Categories, Copy, Bookmark username, Friends, Email. View Popular tags, Popular Bookmarks, Recent Bookmarks. The ‘Add Bookmark’ page has a fetch keywords button,
To come: Import from del.icio.us, Furl, Firefox & IE, watch list, profiles, networking, voting. Friendly URls. Video bookmarking and more…
Tools: Bookmarklets(popup/non popup/one click+ automatic filling) RSS feeds and RSS Linkroll generator with preview. Blog Button. URL Shortener.
What’s spcial: option to shorten the bookmark’s URL. “Fetch Keywords” button inserts popular tags while creating a bookmark. i89.us member page


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Ma.gnolia*:[PR3] by Gnolia Systems and Happy Cog. Web 2.0 style community driven social bookmarks using Tags. Update! Root: bookmarklet and button showing web page information and rating at ma.gnolia.

Some Features: Ads. Bookmark’s page have Thumbshots, direct links, short links, rating, description. Groups bookmarks with avatar. Tag manager(rename, delete, split). Delete all bookmarks. Messages. Friends. Search contact, group or Bookmarks using Tags or Text. View most recent. Profile page with avatar. View recent. Hot Bookmarks. Internal Mail. discussions. Claim your bookmarks or group in Technorati. API acces(ex. corkd).
Tools: Bookmarklets(normal, pop-up and one click). Button generator. Linkroll generator with optional thumbshots, date, updated date, rating and descriptions. Root bookmarklet and buttons. Import(from file or del.icio.us). RSS complete and lite feed for tags. Many 3rd party tools: Del.icio.us to Ma.gnolia Greasemonkey Script, FireFox Search. Google toolsbar button. Google homepage module. TextPattern Link Roll Plugin, WordPress Notable Link Roll Plugin, Mac OS-X Dashboard and Yahoo Widgets. FeedBurner Link Splicer…
What’s special: For useful bookmarks, send thank-yous to other members bookmarks and view who thanked you and for which bookmark. Ma.gnolia member page

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Diigo*:[PR6] “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff.” Web 2.0 style text-based interface, bookmarks and annotation using Tags. The toolbar gives highlight and blogging support. Update! UI redesigned.

Some Features: One click bookmark with custom Tag. One click copy. Related Tags(+add and remove), Search(My/Community/Tag/Full Text). In page Advanced Search(Anywhere/tags/title/URL/highlights/Text/comments/without). Direct Links. Public/Private Bookmark or only notes/highlights, Inbox(follow user and tags), Bookmark username, RSS, mail, batch checked bookmarks( public, private, edit, extract highlights, send), Tags, Tag Cloud that is also a Tag editor. Image bookmarks have thumbshots(toolbar required). Cache copy.
Tools: in page Bookmarklet (annotate, bookmark & forward) for IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Import directly from browser bookmarks, file and del.icio.us. Ajax Linkroll generator with options. Add to Diigo blog footer buttons and code. [button code]
Toolbar(Firefox 1.0+) features: Quick-D: a One click Bookmark with automatic tagging. Customize Search box-menu. Bookmark Status Icon that shows whether the current page has been bookmarked by yourself, an other user or has comments. Right click for highlighting and saving images. Blog This! button with support for WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Typepad, MovableType. Quick access bookmarks drop-down menu by setting a tag. bookmark to: de.licio.us, , Furl, Netvouz, RawSugar, Simpy, Spurl, ma.gnolia, connotea and locally. Has a good about/help page
What’s special: Space OR comma separated tags. Earlier/Later Tag navigation shows number of bookmarks. Private notes on Public Bookmarks. With toolbar: Blogging support for WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Typepad and Movable Type. Highlight with visual options, Multiple posting to other social bookmarks. Bookmark Status Icon. Quick-D. Customizable search. Diigo member page

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del.icio.us*:[PR8] By Joshua Schachter and acquired by Yahoo. Clever text based using Tags. Homepage now shows Hotlist updated every hour. Update! Front page has been restyled [info], Search drop down menu, Network badge, Randomizer bookmarklet which opens a radom link and search has a menu to search user bookmarks, del.icio.us or the web.

Some Features: 2 click inpage delete. One-click inpage edit. Copy from other user. Friendly URLs. Case sensitive Tags. Tag manager(delete, replace to multiple tags). Notes. Inbox. Post to other users. Follow friends bookmarks, Bookmark username. List of most popular. Clickable tag cloud, popular tags and suggest when adding/editing. Boolean tag search. Text search. URL search page. Search by file type-Media file type detection. Thumbshots for Flickr bookmarks. View 10/25/50/100 bookmarks. Bundels(quick access tag sets). View popular/recent. Experimental features: Private/Public.
Tools: 2 Bookmarklets(popup/non-popup+text clipping, Bookmark username, Play Tagger, Randomizer). Blog Buttons(Post/Network badge) Linkroll generator with optional buttons, title, description, date and tags. (bookmarks/playtagger) Tagroll. Firefox search and extension. RSS/HTML/JS/JSON, IE Active Channel. Export to HTML with optional tags and description. Import from HTML with folder names as tags, option to add custom tags, add public popular tags and/or replace existing bookmarks. Import to HTML with Tags and Notes as option. Experimental Daily blog posting. Feed License settings. Network (follow friends)
Huge collection of 3rd party tools tools.
What’s special: ‘for:’ tag (tag to ‘send’ bookmarks to other users). Tag Bundles for quick access. JSON. Antisocial(hide user or Tag). mp3 player. [info] Color sheme bookmarks[info]. odds and even class for styling linkrolls. del.ico.us Member Page

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BlinkList*:[PR5] BETA Web 2.0 style interface using Tags and Ajax in page features. Update! Interface is being translated to 18 languages.

Some Features: One click copy button. 2 click in page copy + edit + mail. one click in page 5 star rating. Clickble Tag cloud for tagging. User startpage. Profile with Avatar and HTML. Bookmark username. View favorites, popular(hot now), most recent. Make all links public. Delete all bookmarks.
User page: View tags as favorites. popular, recent or cloud. Related tag tree. Watch-list(friends, fans). Ability to create a topic page.
Tools: Import/Export HTML, XML, CVS, JSON file. Import from delicious amd Furl. Export RSS Backup Format. 3 Bookmarklets that clipps selected text (one click, pop up, non pop up ), Toolbar for Firefox, Flock, Windows(IE?), Tag Cloud generator, Clicking on the RSS button generates the javascript code.
What’s special: “Flag as spammer” button, one click copy. User page in-place tag manager-editor. Fans(see who follows you). Bookmarks showsup on user startpage if tag and bookmark are starred [info]. RSS button generats it’s linkroll code. Shoutbox. Thumbshots(when available). Topic pages. Member Page

May 15, 2007. Social Bookmark Services. Leave a comment.